Printable Trail Map

Click on the link below to download a printable PDF map of the Majura Pines trails.

See the Trails pages to see pictures of and read more about the trails.

Smart Phone Apps


Trailforks is the Pinkbike crowd sourced trail database containing over 30,000 trails worldwide. We use their embedded maps on this website and their phone app is now available. Download offline trail maps for use on your rides. The latest Majura Pines trail info, status and conditions can be in your pocket. The app is available on Android and iOS and is FREE.

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Trail Buddy

The latest version of the Kowalski Brothers Trailworks Trail Buddy phone app now includes maps of Majura Pines and Bruce Ridge as well as all the latest trails and race routes at Kowen.

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Online Map

The map below shows the trails at Majura Pines by trail grade where:

Purple = Fire roadGreen = Easy
Blue = IntermediateBlack = Advanced

Click on the links below to see display different versions of this map: